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4) Documentation: – Gap Crit.

These are some images of the work that I made and displayed at my Gap Crit in uni. I hoped to create a post protest-like environment with a variety of pieces I have been working on since I decided to continue working in the subject of current Middle Eastern issues, each piece a different contributing part of my working process.

Using newspaper and paint, I created the piece on the left (as seen below). The names in dark olive green (I later realised could have been related to the known olive trees + Palestine link) of innocent victims that have been murdered in Palestine under the age of 25. That is my generation. The words I wrote on top I feel are self explanitory, ” They grew up 166,02km away from me, but never had the chance to “, which is in fact true.


The piece in the right hand corner is a collage I made with numerous black and white articles I have scanner-collaged (ie. I used a scanner with a variety of compositions of objects I selected like books, trinkets and newspaper articles).

Through using QR codes that I generated that were linked to numerous videos, online articles and petitions, that I’d hoped viewers to watch and be informed of the real issues, that drives my work.

gap crit 2

I hung up the Jordanian Hatta’ (as seen below) with worry (aka prayer beads) as if someone had hung up say, their keys and coat for the day in Western civilisation, but as a reflection of Palestinian civilisation. I did not wish my work to be about a single Middle Eastern culture, however I included references from a variety of them hoping to suggest this. The Jordanian Hatta’, Palestinian and Syrian handmade trinkets that I associate with small sentimental objects people may carry on long journeys or to remember loved ones, and stones varying in shape and size, all scattered symbolising the rock throwers during war and revolution.


The overall feedback I received on my Gap crit was optimistic, and has helped me with the push I needed in my current work. I am passionate, always have been and probably always will be as this is work about my roots; making it quite personal to me.



Personal response; sympathy


On the left is a poem that says ‘a storm cannot uproot a forest’; which is how I feel anyone experiencing war may feel, tearing homes apart but not the families. On the right are my thoughts that I painted as I listened to music, and after researching. It says things like ‘oh god, oh poor souls, for the love of god someone protect them’.


The bronze and dark green piece I made is a list of names of some of the thousands of names of children that have been murdered in Palestine recently, alongside their age and what city there were from. On top I stated “they grew up km 166.02 away from me, but never had the chance to”. I did not continue my sentence as I felt there were an endless amount of things that these innocent children, would never get the chance to do.

All of these works were inspired by the pieces that I had done as an emotional response to the articles I read mainly on social media. Videos I watched (ones not normally shared on the news) and music I’d listened to about our generation and the troubles we now face (such as “New Americana” by Halsey). Everything around me recently has been influencing and affecting me emotionally; my art is becoming a way for me to process it all.

Letting it go;

These are pictures of my first pieces of work this year. I have been obsessivly collecting information from ANYWHERE I can about the Middle East and the problems, occupation, wars and pain that is going on there. Whether it be social media sites, newspaper articles, news channels (although take everything mentioned on there with a pinch of salt) and anywhere else I can read/ watch something about it all.

They were done in response to notes I wrote down, after having a long day, a few hours to sit outside alone and think, and let my brain and word-vomit flow onto paper. I was furious and inspired and created these inspired by the thoughts I had jotted down.

IMG_4327 IMG_4329



YEAR 3 – Furious.

Never before have I been so upset and angered by the situation in the Middle East, the way I am now.
It makes me furious, my previous work in Uni has always been about things that resinate and really pull at my heart strings; anything to do with home. Growing up in the Middle East has given me a completely different view of life and having moved here to study, I can compare and split the two completely. I find it shocking the way the media portray the news; the ones they do actually bother giving some TV time to that is.

After a visit to Banksys famous Dismaland, I felt inspired and wanted to be able to give my work the ‘umph’ and power that some of the pieces that spoke to me there. I felt like I needed to try my best to give my work a personal meaning and to be able to successfully portray my frustration about the occupation and terrors going on.

The finger is always pointed at the Palestinians for being “offensive” and “aggressive”, throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers; but if we are honest here, how is it okay to fire from a tank “in self defence” from a 7 year old boy throwing a rock?

Why don’t we re-ask that question, why are they throwing rocks? Why is the world silent about the OCCUPATION of the Palestinians in their HOME land.

I don’t get it.     I’m fed up.