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Time: Syrian children and adapting

Children tend to be affected by either extreme when a shocking or life changing incident occurs. They suffer, and are affected and may become depressed, or accept it and make the most of what they do have and try to get over it all. Either way children tend to still cope with situations in a less serious way in the moment, and in general are more innocent and easily entertained. While reading an article about Syrian children in the Zaatari camp and how they hold jobs and act as it they were adults, they still however smile, play and run around, and in fact play sports and some have even formed teams. Reading about this made me think about the innocence and I wanted to capture this in my work. How they find comfort or some happiness in the simplest of things and since my work has been focusing on emotions and subtle changes in them, also how honest expressions can be in telling our emotions, children in particular do this well; I will be incorporating them into my final piece, however focusing on the more dramatic background representing terror and chaos going on around them despite this.


(This link above is an article from Jordanian newspaper that shows how organisations and volunteers are trying to ensure the children to have a childhood and some distraction whilst staying at the camps, by having drawing and colouring groups and arts and crafts).


(This link above is about the children in particular and their way of life in the Zaatari camps).