Artist statement; 3rd year

I am working in response to the sudden influx of social media coverage, of the devastations happening throughout the Middle East; specifically the children and families affected. Through constant stimulation on social media, news updates every few minutes, articles and graphic photographs being shared constantly, my work has become something that influences my every day and is my main drive, to hopefully make others more aware of the reality and severity of these issues. Main media such as news channels only share a select few stories; very often with a subjective opinion related, often avoiding the truth. I have always been influenced by social activism and am hoping to raise awareness of the overlooked, but very relevant issues. Through the use of newspaper articles cutouts, printed photographs shared on social media, and found objects that I have been obsessively collecting; I aim to create collages that give a sense of unease and uncertainty. My influence for this is the Syrian refugees and those living in occupied Palestine; and how they live in constant fear and uncertainty. By using found objects like broken bricks, which I glued back together, and old photographs, I have collaged a number of large compositions. Through the use of Arabic calligraphy, English text, bricks and discarded and overlooked objects which could have huge sentimental value to refugees or those forced to leave their homes; I hope to emphasize the idea that once something is broken, it can never really be put back together without cracks.


24/7; Obsessively Collecting

Throughout my research I realised how much it has taken an emotional toll on me. I am constantly researching, looking up, reading and watching news update after news update. By immersing myself in all of the news I can’t help but feel Obliged to document as much as I can, incorporating it into my work, by using QR codes linked to articles or photos, which I will imbed in my collages. Through constant stimulation I plan to take advantage of news that just at my fingertips on my phone and include the actual screen shots into my work.

These are just some of the large collection that I have seemed to have collected over the past few weeks. (my space below; a visual mind map of all of the articles, artist influences and mental notes I  have collected.) The collecting has been a huge part of my project and is what tends to be my biggest inspiration and main drive to continue to work, on such a hard and emotionally heartbreaking subject to me.


Bricks and Rubble

These are the latest pieces I have worked on. The sculptures or 3D collages that I played with and rearranged were not permanent; allowing me to try different compositions. I photographed them using a set of professional lighting and DSLR camera in order to achieve detailed photos with a dramatic effect to them. The bricks and branches are found, which are collaged and layered with newspaper cutouts and stamped and painted clay pieces. I glued some bricks together that don’t completely fit together; indicating that when something is broken, you can never fully put it back to normal. This is something I wish to continue to explore and expand on.