24/7; Obsessively Collecting

Throughout my research I realised how much it has taken an emotional toll on me. I am constantly researching, looking up, reading and watching news update after news update. By immersing myself in all of the news I can’t help but feel Obliged to document as much as I can, incorporating it into my work, by using QR codes linked to articles or photos, which I will imbed in my collages. Through constant stimulation I plan to take advantage of news that just at my fingertips on my phone and include the actual screen shots into my work.

These are just some of the large collection that I have seemed to have collected over the past few weeks. (my space below; a visual mind map of all of the articles, artist influences and mental notes I  have collected.) The collecting has been a huge part of my project and is what tends to be my biggest inspiration and main drive to continue to work, on such a hard and emotionally heartbreaking subject to me.



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