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Artist statement: spring term assement

Being from Jordan, my last year has involved scare after scare and one heartbreaking story after another, about people I proudly share a culture with. I hope to show my genuine frustration and pain I feel through creating a refugee tent installation. The tent will be part of a much larger concept of work, involving the hundreds of articles I have collected through newspaper articles (from Amman, Jordan and Cardiff, Wales) online articles, online video shared via viral social media shares, pictures that I have been sent through social media and the constant news feed that I have made my world for the last year. I have become what I had never considered myself to be previously; an Arab social activist. Visiting a small Palestinian museum run by activists in a roof top office space was where I made connections in the activist world and have since realized all my work since has been leading up to the tent. Through using these articles, Qufiyeh and Hatta’ (the Palestinian and Jordanian headscarfs) and my own calligraphy that I made as an emotional response to music an article recently. I plan on working on a collaboration with another course member with Arabic calligraffiti I have done (as mentioned previously) and have the translation in English. I hope to have a space where I am able to build a barrier through fencing and possibly a barrier similar to ones used in museums, to make the space feel unsafe and pressure from. The inside containing my sketchbook which contains all of my recordings and notes about my research and work throughout the year, a jar with prayer beads and some form of clock will be in the jar closed like bottling of emotions. The tent “fabric” will be made of the newspaper.