2) Documentation: My immediate emotional responses

*I have edited and added newer photos into this post to help show the progress in this recurring theme (writing using Arabic calligraphy, my immediate emotional responses to stories I learn about) in my work*

“Oh God, my hearts breaks, it breaks my heart. Akh.”

The banner includes phrases I wrote down as a response to the stone throwing children of Palestine, simply saying “if you run fast enough, you live”.


These two pieces include a poem: “A storm cannot uproot a forest”, relating to the occupied Palestinian land taken by illegal Israeli settlers.

The other simply says, “Oh Lord, oh God, poor things akh. God protect them, Lord please, for the love of God, please help them, for the love of God.”


This piece is the names of the innocent victims under the age of 25 that have been murdered in Palestine through the occupation, that took place 166,02km away from the home which I grew up in. A country so close (both for personal family links) and an unbreakable connection between the Palestinian and Jordanian culture; how could I not identify with these kids, I grew up with friends just like them. That could have been us.


“Strength” in response the the ridiculous accusations and altered truths main media portrays. The necessity to stay strong and power through no matter what is said.


*UPDATED* 20th April

I have used the older pieces I created as emotional responses and created some more after listening to music and reading numerous articles about the U.S elections that are currently taking place; specifically Donald Trump. I was frustrated and allowed my brain to bilingually write down in both Arabic and English how I was feeling in response.

“Khara ala’ Trump” + “Savage bastard”


I have spent hours in the tent alone over the past 2 months, adding parts, building, and resting in the tent. This has made emotionally connecting with the tent easier as I feel comfortable working in the environment and began to build an emotional attachment just as anyone would build an attachment to a constantly visited shelter.



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