Field – Group Project – TEST 5

Field – Group Project – TEST 5


For this part which was the final part we filmed, the scenes where things turn around for the butterfly. The rainbow and brighter coloured city scape show this and we were able to incorporate all the rest of the butterflies we made into this part. I made the main butterfly (the orange Monarch) and the smaller purple and blue one on the side out of clay.


Field – Group Project – TEST 4

Field – Group Project – TEST 4


This is the fourth test. Again although we were unable to have the exact same set up as we did for the first 2 tests, we managed with what we had and used the backgrounds we had created for the buildings in the city theme/scape. We really started to embrace the home made feel with this one and were all able to add in the butterflies we had each made. This part was the butterfly getting into the city and meeting other butterflies of ‘different species and backgrounds’.

Field – Group Project – TEST 3

Field – Group Project – TEST 3


This is the third part of our project. We used the background I painted (which is a desert scene meant to be where the butterfly migrated from and starts its journey, which is based on a desert I live near here in Jordan. This enabled me to tie in my personal Field project into the group one). I used acrylic paints for this. We used wire for the caterpillar to create an illusion of the it climbing on the rocks. Unfortunately we were unable to continue using the same space (green screen and studio) and the lighting as we did for the first 2 parts due to unforeseen circumstances despite our efforts. However despite this we still managed to film and carry on with the project, even though the lighting especially was not as standardised.

Field – Group project – TEST 2

Field – Group project – TEST 2

This is the second part of our stop motion piece. After setting up the studio with the green screen and the lights the way we liked, we decided to continue using this method. We now wanted to focus on the butterfly and its movement and wanted this to look as realistic as possible. We decided to use one of the butterflies that I had made for this as I made it out of wire, tissue paper and only painted on details. Its light weight and flexibility enabled us to move the wings freely for each shot but maintaining it shape as well. We were very pleased with how this part turned out.

Field – Group Project – TEST 1

Field – Group work – TEST 1

For our Field group project we decided in order for every member to participate and to be able to add their own personal touches and relate to their field, to create a stop motion. The reason for this was that we would all be able to individually provide a part in the story we had come up with and create something we each had an interest in. As described in the paragraph I wrote about the story line and project in general, I made some butterflies, which i made out of wire and painted on, and all of our pieces put together enabled us to create the video. This was our first attempt at this.

At the beginning of the photo taking we had to set up a green screen with stable lighting and a sturdy ground. We borrowed 4 lamps from the university and were able to use a large green screen and set everything up. We used a SLR camera and tripod to ensure a constant photograph from the same angle. Although this took a while to set up, once we started taking the pictures we were pleased with the outcomes. This was the first attempt.

Field Group Project – Summary



As part of the field module, we were required to take part in a group project with people from other arts courses in Uni. I was in a group with people from courses like Designer & Maker, Illustration and Product Design. We were put together in a group because we had all chosen the theme of Migration in our Field project; “City”. We began to research migration and tried to tie in our own personal field project work. After finding an article which is in the next post, about the Monarch Butterfly, which the Mexican celebration day is based on, is all about the butterflies migration from Canada to Mexico. The Mexicans believe the butterflies are the souls of past loved ones returning to Earth. This made us think about how like many animals, we too migrate to new places in order to improve our way of living. Whether its moving away from university (my case), or for a new job, to a warmer climate or even for an improved standard or way of living; everyone seeks a change sometimes.


We fell in love with the idea of the Butterfly migrating, as most of us felt it would be a very relatable theme to all of us first years. The next thing we decided on was how we would present our work. We brainstormed loads of different concepts, like my idea of a kinetic sculpture (this is a music video clip showing a similar thing: ) or a large sculpture with elements from each of our own practices. However all of these we felt would not have enabled us each to show our own practices work to its full potential, which is when we decided to try something none of us had ever tried before; a stop motion animation. This allowed us to all create a part of the animation if we had a story or theme behind it. We focused on the idea of the butterfly migrating and began to write a story board for our concept.

We set up a green screen and lighting (I explain this in other posts with the links to our test runs). We faced some difficulties but were very please with the outcome. We aimed to create a story about a butterfly (a symbol for a human) that migrated to a new city (this part was based around me; moving from Jordan to Cardiff). We wanted to show the difficulties that we can be faced with when migrating such as having to leave a loved place, meeting new people and trying to fit in, getting to know the area and the good the bad and they ugly involved with it. We showed this by having the butterfly meeting ‘homeless’ butterflies and being saddened by this, being overwhelmed by the new bigger buildings and the different climate. However as everyone usually gets used to a new place and meets new people, they make friends. The butterfly did exactly this and met others from all different species (symbolising races, cultures and different backgrounds). Overall we were pleased with the outcome!

Field – Summary

For my field project I decided to look at the two main cities I have lived in in my life. Amman in Jordan, and Cardiff in Wales. I wanted to look at comparing the two and I tied in the idea of migration as I obviously migrated from one to another. It was a big change for me and a hard move, although I am settled now there was loads I had to get used to and changes I had to accept.

I started looking at artists who worked with the idea of migration and change. A local artist, Ahmed Al Khalidi from home, had moved from Amman to Australia. His work really inspired me and he used loads of vibrant colours and colour tones in his work that reminded him of each place. He used key words that stood out to him like sign posts and traffic warnings, to menus and even phrases he heard in both parts of the world. His work involved pictures as well from his past, which triggered certain memories and thoughts or feelings. I was deeply inspired by this and wanted to create work that also tied in the two cities and showed contrasts and comparisons between them.

Some of Ahmeds work:


I began my project by taking photos around both cities and even made some videos. I have some of those later on in my blog.