Field – Summary

For my field project I decided to look at the two main cities I have lived in in my life. Amman in Jordan, and Cardiff in Wales. I wanted to look at comparing the two and I tied in the idea of migration as I obviously migrated from one to another. It was a big change for me and a hard move, although I am settled now there was loads I had to get used to and changes I had to accept.

I started looking at artists who worked with the idea of migration and change. A local artist, Ahmed Al Khalidi from home, had moved from Amman to Australia. His work really inspired me and he used loads of vibrant colours and colour tones in his work that reminded him of each place. He used key words that stood out to him like sign posts and traffic warnings, to menus and even phrases he heard in both parts of the world. His work involved pictures as well from his past, which triggered certain memories and thoughts or feelings. I was deeply inspired by this and wanted to create work that also tied in the two cities and showed contrasts and comparisons between them.

Some of Ahmeds work:


I began my project by taking photos around both cities and even made some videos. I have some of those later on in my blog.


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