Field – Group Project – TEST 1

Field – Group work – TEST 1

For our Field group project we decided in order for every member to participate and to be able to add their own personal touches and relate to their field, to create a stop motion. The reason for this was that we would all be able to individually provide a part in the story we had come up with and create something we each had an interest in. As described in the paragraph I wrote about the story line and project in general, I made some butterflies, which i made out of wire and painted on, and all of our pieces put together enabled us to create the video. This was our first attempt at this.

At the beginning of the photo taking we had to set up a green screen with stable lighting and a sturdy ground. We borrowed 4 lamps from the university and were able to use a large green screen and set everything up. We used a SLR camera and tripod to ensure a constant photograph from the same angle. Although this took a while to set up, once we started taking the pictures we were pleased with the outcomes. This was the first attempt.


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