Artist statement; 3rd year

I am working in response to the sudden influx of social media coverage, of the devastations happening throughout the Middle East; specifically the children and families affected. Through constant stimulation on social media, news updates every few minutes, articles and graphic photographs being shared constantly, my work has become something that influences my every day and is my main drive, to hopefully make others more aware of the reality and severity of these issues. Main media such as news channels only share a select few stories; very often with a subjective opinion related, often avoiding the truth. I have always been influenced by social activism and am hoping to raise awareness of the overlooked, but very relevant issues. Through the use of newspaper articles cutouts, printed photographs shared on social media, and found objects that I have been obsessively collecting; I aim to create collages that give a sense of unease and uncertainty. My influence for this is the Syrian refugees and those living in occupied Palestine; and how they live in constant fear and uncertainty. By using found objects like broken bricks, which I glued back together, and old photographs, I have collaged a number of large compositions. Through the use of Arabic calligraphy, English text, bricks and discarded and overlooked objects which could have huge sentimental value to refugees or those forced to leave their homes; I hope to emphasize the idea that once something is broken, it can never really be put back together without cracks.


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