YEAR 3 – Furious.

Never before have I been so upset and angered by the situation in the Middle East, the way I am now.
It makes me furious, my previous work in Uni has always been about things that resinate and really pull at my heart strings; anything to do with home. Growing up in the Middle East has given me a completely different view of life and having moved here to study, I can compare and split the two completely. I find it shocking the way the media portray the news; the ones they do actually bother giving some TV time to that is.

After a visit to Banksys famous Dismaland, I felt inspired and wanted to be able to give my work the ‘umph’ and power that some of the pieces that spoke to me there. I felt like I needed to try my best to give my work a personal meaning and to be able to successfully portray my frustration about the occupation and terrors going on.

The finger is always pointed at the Palestinians for being “offensive” and “aggressive”, throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers; but if we are honest here, how is it okay to fire from a tank “in self defence” from a 7 year old boy throwing a rock?

Why don’t we re-ask that question, why are they throwing rocks? Why is the world silent about the OCCUPATION of the Palestinians in their HOME land.

I don’t get it.     I’m fed up.


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