Personal response; sympathy


On the left is a poem that says ‘a storm cannot uproot a forest’; which is how I feel anyone experiencing war may feel, tearing homes apart but not the families. On the right are my thoughts that I painted as I listened to music, and after researching. It says things like ‘oh god, oh poor souls, for the love of god someone protect them’.


The bronze and dark green piece I made is a list of names of some of the thousands of names of children that have been murdered in Palestine recently, alongside their age and what city there were from. On top I stated “they grew up km 166.02 away from me, but never had the chance to”. I did not continue my sentence as I felt there were an endless amount of things that these innocent children, would never get the chance to do.

All of these works were inspired by the pieces that I had done as an emotional response to the articles I read mainly on social media. Videos I watched (ones not¬†normally shared on the news) and music I’d listened to about our generation and the troubles we now face (such as “New Americana” by Halsey). Everything around me recently has been influencing and affecting me emotionally; my art is becoming a way for me to process it all.


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