Field project; “Gorillas in the roses” collaging.  

For this project in field we looked at different ways in which collage can be done, and the variety it can take form in from collections to doodles to cutting and pasting and even animation.  

We created collages using old comic books and magazines and anything we could find that we could include into our work. I made some pieces using old boxes as well and manipulated them to become something with no obvious narrative; changing the original purpose of the box. 

These are some of the collages we did as a group. We would each start off with an A5 piece of card and had to either draw paint or stick things down, and then we would pass it onto the next person to build up layers using different/ unique techniques to us. 


This was one of the layers I started for the group project using mixed media; acrylic paints and drawing on top with ink pen. 

This is one piece I did on my own afterwards in the session which used a variety of techniques from sticking down card to build up layers and painting and drawing on top to add texture and depth. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this and found it sort of therapeutic and freeing. 


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