Cut out paintings: color theory related to subject and field work

This is the piece we did towards the end of the first field project, where we used the skills we learnt from the color theory workshops and layering techniques to create pieces (whatever theme we wanted; I related mine back to my subject area of work) in cut out shapes, not a usual rectangle shape composition. I really enjoyed this session and found it incredibly therapeutic to use color and random pattern in relation to the calligraphy to create a piece of artwork; none of which I had to think too hard about, as I focused on the aesthetics mainly. 

I used jiberish/random letters and words to fill in the spiral effect in the background but all words related to conflict and war however together none of which actually make sense in a sentence. The word in the calligraphy lettering in the front spells the word “bravery” in Arabic.

I then decided later on that this piece made me think of the thoughts and feelings and memories going through a refugees mind, the colors and textures and patterns; a mish mash of these emotions and uncertain futures. 


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