3) Documentation: QR codes

Throughout my work I have generated my own scannable QR codes, each one relating to links of online videos and articles from my research related to my works concepts.

Since the beginning of this academic year I have been creating these QR codes and putting them up on my studio space wall alongside handwritten comments like ” keep walking by, just like everyone else..”. They did catch some attention by people passing by and only a few actually scanned them. In a tutorial I had with artist Mark Gubb (as mentioned in my context posts) I discussed the ideas of having the QR codes as the wallpaper for the inside of the tent I plan on building. After explaining that the reason I chose to use QR codes and not any other method of getting people to read/watch the link I’ve shared, is because in uni we are required to have one relating to each of our blog sites for assessment; meaning everyone should have a QR scanner on them at uni, therefor not having a reason not to scan.  The QR code has become a semi ironic/comedic factor that is recurring throughout my work. Gubb’s suggestion was to use the patterns seen in QR codes as a modern/ made up camoflage pattern for the tent ‘fabric’.

Below is a sketch of the first tent idea I drew up, and shows where I wanted to use the QR codes originally inside the tent as the wallpaper.


This piece from my Gap crit on the far right, is a collage I made with newspaper articles and collected trinkets, with QR codes related to different articles related to the same issues discussed in the newspaper articles. Although it is not one of my favourite pieces, it is the stepping stone into using the QR codes in a more serious matter in my work.



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