5) Contextualisation: Talk and tutorial with Artist MArk Gubb

British artist Mark Gubb spoke at my university and I had the opportunity to speak with him afterwards in a one on one tutorial ( was keen on getting someone news perspective on my work; someone who knows nothing about it). His work is often politically related or includes social injustice issues in society.

One of Marks performance/installation film about Peter Fechter who was murdered at the Berlin wall. This was inspiring to me had the same qualities, impact and confusing stressful environment I wanted my work to share as well. images (1)His suggestion was to use the QR code patterns that I had generated as a camouflage print on the tent fabric that I use, that confuses the audience but relates to the use of QR codes and social media interactions (as I mentioned in my documentation posts).

It became clear to me after this discussion with Gubb that I have the ability to make a difference, small but significant, through the use of my art and my passion for making art about social and political issues.


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