Printing workshop; collage.


I attended a workshop with second year students on screen-printing, to find the different ways in which I could build up layers and different textures using a variety of different materials, such as drafting film, India ink and paint markers. This was the first test done with a wide paint marker to build up a bold opaque text. I simply wrote my name in Arabic. I then played with different dark cards and cutouts to block out and create a positive and negative space. I did this so I could have the freedom to play around with the composition of my printed collage.


I felt inspired to get more into collaging by layering the prints, as well as collaging 3D objects into my pieces. Using different coloured paints and inks, different papers as well as anything that enables me to build up layers such as tracing paper. The bottom right photo is my outcome from the workshop, which has a background, done using different pressures on the squeegee while printing. The text on top that has been printed is what I transferred onto the screen and then over the dry background. I will be trying this more in the future in order to have multiple and unique card to collage with.





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