Herakut: the artists behind the Zaatari art 

This is the original graffiti/painting mural piece that the duo known as “Herakut”, that I decided to use as a starting point for my subject area project. The piece is located in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan for the Syrians who take refuge there. It was done by the duo with the help of the children in the camp (a collaborative and involving piece). 

The artists use a unique style of mixed graffiti and emulsion paints combining detailed parts and rough texture to create the final pieces with vibrant and bold patterns and colors. 

The child seen in the painting is building the word “home” out of playing blocks; the child is rebuilding his home/life. This piece touched me the most from their series of work done in the Zaatari camp, and its sublet yet powerful message is the effect I want to make using my work in response to this. I want to create similar bold and colorful pieces of work with similar subtle messages conveying a powerful message. 


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