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Constellation: Teenage Kicks – Cultural approaches to Dr. Martin boots

Lecture on 7/11/13 –

For this constellation lecture we looked at the idea of giving objects, artworks and concepts cultural meanings. Our lives and upbringings affect our perceptions of things and form the way we process and register things. What things matter to us, what we think is unique or new, what we think is unacceptable or strange or even what we think is perfectly relevant and correct. Our mindsets are based off our upbringings and the generation and era we were born in.

The lecture was explained to us with the idea of the famous Dr. Martin boot brand. The boot used to be known as the masculine boot ¬†worn by workers and later on in the 70s by the Skinheads (who were also known for being masculine and slightly scary). ¬†However throughout the last few decades; Dr. Martins reputation has changed again, from becoming a workers shoe, to a statement of power and masculinity and unique style, and even that has changed, over time. The boot is now known as the boot to customise and one you make your own, whether by changing up the laces or throwing some paint onto them; Dr. Martins are now selling themselves as a statement piece that each individual can customise and ‘own it’ therefor giving them a purpose and a meaning behind the brand; which now advertise their products using this as a focal point.

By the end of the lecture it was clear to us that when working on and selling our practice, we should focus on the cultural meaning and the meanings we put to our work, and think about and question everything we do. Putting a meaning behind our work gives out work meaning. Giving our work a purpose is just as important as the process to produce it.