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Arabic Jewellery

Recently I have been working on my Jewellery pieces, while trying to incorporate more Arabic influences into each piece, whether it be by adding the traditional symbols of protection (the Evil/All-seeing Eye and the Hand of Fatima) or Arabic calligraphy. These are some of the examples of how i have been trying to achieve this.


Field – Supporting work

Field - Supporting work

These pieces are arabic calligraphy of words that say Love, Family, Freedom, Changes and Wisdom. All words I associate with home and here in Cardiff and the main words that come to mind when I think about the move. The colours are vibrant and striking like the painting workshop piece and the textures are like the lines I’ve recreated on the photographs of shop shutters and the telephone wires and Cardiff skyscraper skylines. The bubble wrap effect imitating the stone windows also in my photography. These pieces tie in Cardiff and Amman together perfectly I feel.