Field projects overall reflection

After working on both field projects, I realised how much they had actually influenced my work for the better. Although both were extremely different to one another, they have both played a massive part in helping me to expand and explore new areas which have benefited me in my practical Subject work.

The colour theory field project helped me to establish a better understanding of colour and the ways in which using the right shades and contrasts can strengthen and add more depth to my work. Through the use of complimentary colours and bolder more vibrant colours, I have built up a whole new body of work that has exited me as I experiment and try new combinations, with the influences of what I have learnt in the other field project; Gorillas in the roses. The second field project dealt with collaging and overlapping textures and colours to create the final outcome using a variety of different materials such as paper cut outs and card. In my subject work I have incorporated things I have learnt from both projects and have used newspaper cut outs and different random shaped pieces of card to build up layers, adding more depth and a whole new dimension to my work. This enables me to suggest subtle hints in my work, of the news articles (in the newspapers) by transferring some onto wood and glueing/sticking some down, this is something which I would not have been able to do previously without finding a way to collaging it into the work instead of literally painting it in. This was something I had been struggling with previously as I did not want to add literal or obvious clues into what my work was about. However through the use of collaging and layering I have been able to achieve this. The array of colours I have been using in the work (where previously I had only used dark and dull colours to add a feeling of chaos) have also grown, using colours to evoke certain feelings like golds, yellows and oranges to show riches and positivity in contrast to dark blues which not only compliment each other but also shows a darker more sad feeling to the work. This simple method of using the contrasting colours helps me tremendously to show that even in darker more chaotic times, you can find a positive side. The combination of painting using these colours over newspaper, for example, suggests these feelings are related to the article and makes the viewer curious of the actual meaning of the piece.

Overall both projects have been extremely influential to me and have helped me experiment more and add more depth in my work, where I had previously felt slightly stuck and uninspired. Although they did not directly relate to my practical work in some ways to my subject work, I took brand new aspects from both and enjoyed both thoroughly.


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