Artist statement:

I started off this project knowing briefly what ideas and concepts I wanted to work around, but no idea where to start. I decided to start off around the idea of the refugees suffering in the camps and the effects the trauma and chaos of war had on them. 

The Zaatari refugee camp in the North of Jordan (Jordan being home for me) was the camp I decide to focus on. For my subject work I started looking at different ways I could portray emotions and the truths of the war and its effects, looking at artists like Herakut and Joel Bergner (aka JoeArtista) and the murals they created in camps and the great impact they made on Zaatari community. I decided to work similarly creating pieces that had an impact on a smaller scale with subtle messages; making others more aware of the pain and emotions related to being a refugee; specifically the children affected. 

I have experimented with so many different mediums and techniques to try and best express these feelings from using collaging skills learnt in field and printing calligraphy/stenciling to painting using oils and using inks for writing traditional calligraphy. Although I was set back a bit due to illness and being on bed-rest, I am still motivated to continue to work on this project and to expand and explore the area further to create more work with good impacts and messages. 


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