Field project reflection: Gorillas in the roses

I was extremely excited to start off this project as I had done a similar one last year which compiled collaging and cut out paintings and pieces of work to create pieces with more dimension. However I was not able to attend all of the sessions and workshops we had planned for this project as I fell ill and ended up unable to attend or produce any work for a while. The group used Apps such as Aurasma to create collages from hand made collages, that moved like an illustration when seen through the app. I kept up to date with all of the things that had been going in the group and experimented with my work. From the few sessions I was fortunate to attend before, I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from and in fact has influenced my work throughout the rest of my subject work.

We began experimenting with different types of collaging such as using magazines, newspapers and comic books to overlap, tear and texture our pieces with. We cut out hundreds of images that we wanted to use in our work and began collaging. We used paints and drew on some pieces as well; which showed us that collaging doesn’t just have to be overlapping magazine clippings, but can take on a 3D element instead of the usual 2D, which left us with an endless amount of opportunities to experiment with. This is one aspect that has been influencing my subject work specifically and has encouraged me to use text and textures in my work more and to give them more dimension. For example, I have been experimenting with hot glue over text to give it a bubbled effect, scrunched up newspaper articles under patches of paint to make it blend and give a ‘hidden’ feeling, and even layered bits of corrugated card and found bits of cut up wood to create a not so usual ‘square canvas’ like piece. Whilst catching up with the work that I had missed I began to try using other materials as encouraged by my tutor to experiment and build up a strong body of work. My subject work has allowed me to tie in everything I learnt through this project as a large aspect of my work was about found objects and reworking into them and ‘beautifying’ them. Using old bits of wood and card I have been collaging over, spray painting using stencils, and painting patterns onto my work to build up these layers enhancing what would have been before, a simple portrait, adding a whole new depth to my work.

Although I wasn’t able to attend all the sessions and workshops I benefitted immensely and am thankful I was able to attend some, as they helped add a new dimension to my work. It kept me excited and inspired to produce work while I was unable to attend, and still does with my work throughout the rest of the year.


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