Field – My photography – supporting work

Field - My photography - supporting work

Top Left: This piece is my alternative final field piece. It was inspired by the warmth and the colour tones in Amman. I Didn’t add details into all the building because I i wanted the middle to be the focus and to emphasise a dirtier and old looking feeling. The chaotic feel portrays what Downtown Amman is like and the blue writing is the Cardiff influence from sign posts that I placed in the Amman scene.

Top Right: This is a piece I made on a canvas and used filler and paint to create a thick background for the drawing. I did this inspired by the photo I edited of an old landscape of Downtown Amman. I have started to reverse the photos into their negatives inspired by Ahmed Al Khalidi, and I will continue with this method.

Bottom Left: This is the piece I made in a painting workshop. I enjoyed the cut out wood and board concept and used it further for my smaller arabic calligraphy pieces. I am really happy with the outcome of this piece and the colours and shape work well. The writing in arabic says “no smoking inside” which i chose to write because that is something I found very striking, in Amman it is still acceptable to smoke inside everywhere and it is such a large part of the culture, whereas it is quite frowned upon in Cardiff and is not acceptable to smoke indoors anywhere. The elements in the piece all represent different parts of Cardiff and Amman tied into one piece.

Bottom Right: This is my final piece and my favourite one. I used a picture of Cardiff bay which is an iconic and known part of the city and tied in two objects that were in the old house in Amman in Downtown however are not very recognisable as arabic oddities to most. The large bead is known as a lucky charm which is something that I wanted to incorporate when I moved here, and keep arabic traditions (they are very superstitious) into this culture.


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